Comparing Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning

Which Carpet Cleaning Service Is Best?

No matter how many times you vacuum, at some point you will need a carpet cleaning service. There’s nothing like the deep clean that a professional company can deliver with their high-powered equipment and tools. Dry cleaning and steam cleaning are two of the common methods a carpet cleaner uses to do their job.

The dry cleaning method isn’t exactly totally dry. It just means that the cleaner will use less water than when using a steam cleaner. This method of cleaning makes use of chemicals that break down the soil in the carpets. After a dry cleaning service, you can walk on the floor again almost immediately. The chemical solvents used are also very effective in removing stains, though they will leave a strong odor behind. For homeowners that are sensitive to strong odors or chemicals, it’s important to talk to the cleaning company about your special needs.

Steam cleaning uses a machine that sprays the cleanser onto your carpet. Hot water is used to activate the cleanser to give a thorough cleaning that reaches the layers of the carpet’s fibers. It’s important to note that a steam clean does not mean it is a chemical-free cleaning. Some companies may offer the choice of environmentally friendly carpet cleaning solutions, but generally speaking, a steam cleaner uses a chemical-based detergent. This method will make your floor unusable for a period of time. The carpet needs 12 to 24 hours to dry.

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