Our Expert Furniture Cleaning Service in Johns Island, SC

Aside from our high-quality carpet cleaning service, Crowfield Carpet Care in Johns Island, SC will clean your furniture as well. Your upholstered furniture and your carpet have some similarities. For example, you like to roll on both after a long day at work. Also, your carpet and upholstered furniture are also dirt magnets. Around 60% of the dirt and dust that comes into your home will go to your carpet, and the rest will go to your furniture. We are here to prevent your furniture from deteriorating early with our professional cleaning services.

How to Know When to Have Your Furniture Cleaned

There are a lot of signs that it is time to call us for some serious furniture and upholstery cleaning. One of the most obvious signs that you need to look out for is bad odors coming from your upholstery. That nasty smell means that there are a lot of bacteria accumulation in your upholstered furniture, and if they are not removed right away, your furniture will start to show signs of early deterioration. Another sign that you need serious furniture cleaning is that when you lie down on your furniture, it will not feel as soft as before.

What We Can Do

Our professional furniture cleaning service will start with a thorough inspection of your upholstered furniture to check what cleaning method is best to ensure that all harmful contaminants are removed effectively. We offer several furniture cleaning options depending on the situation and also depending on our customer’s decision. Whatever cleaning method we use, they will all produce the same quality results.

When it comes to cleaning your upholstered furniture, we make sure that we provide you with quality results that will make you wonder why you did not call us sooner to have your furniture cleaned. Call Crowfield Carpet Care now at (843) 743-1590, or you can also visit our shop located in Johns Island, SC.