How to Get Rid of the Chocolate Stains on Your Carpets

A Carpet Cleaning Service Provider Advises

Is chocolate the favorite yummy food for your children? And they like to eat it everywhere else but in your kitchen? So, you must have a couple of ugly stains on your carpeting then. Do not panic and do not rush to the nearest store for a new carpet. A professional carpet cleaning service provider will tell you how to get rid of them.

Act swiftly. It is really important to understand that your quick actions may save you a lot of money and stress. So, you can remove as much of the chocolate as possible with a non-sharp kitchen knife. You have to be gentle in order to avoid damaging your carpet fibers.

Check the carpet type; This is the second necessary step because different fibers react to stain removal solutions differently. It is advisable to do a simple patch test. Choose a small hidden area and apply a small amount of the chosen carpet cleaner. If you see no dramatic effect resulting in discoloration or any other sign of damage, you can proceed.

Apply rubbing alcohol directly over the chocolate stain. It will dissolve the fats in the chocolate. But do not forget to put on rubber gloves before that. With massage-like movements, you can blot the area.

Prepare a detergent solution; Now you can make an easy soapy solution to remove the brown stain completely. Just buy a carpet shampoo from the store nearby and mix with water following the manufacturer’s instructions. After you treat it with a clean and soft cloth, you need to blot the area dry with slight pressure.

Bottom line; This is an effective and simple carpet cleaning method. However, that doesn’t eliminate the necessity of hiring a trustworthy company to carry out cleaning in depth removing all the existing allergens, dust mites, dirt, and debris. This is needed for a more beautiful and healthier home environment.

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