Revive That Dirty Faded Couch

What to Expect from an Upholstery Cleaning Service

Furnishing your house takes hundreds of dollars’ worth of investment. When you choose your furniture, you’re looking to get the most use out of those pieces. You want pieces that last for years. When you call an upholstery cleaning service, you’re getting the expertise of professional cleaners.

Odor Removal

Old furniture can have a musty smell. An upholstery cleaning can remove odors that have attached to the fabric of your soft furnishing. Professional companies have special cleaning products that will not just mask the odors, they actually remove it.

Furniture Protector

Professional cleaning companies can spray your furniture with a protectant. This will serve as a barrier from spills and stains. By covering the fibers of the furniture, you can be assured that your pieces will last longer and be more resistant to daily wear and tear.

Cleaner Environment

The indoor air circulating in your home plays a huge role in your general health. Soft furnishings, like your sofa and throw pillows, are used every day. That means they are exposed daily to animal dander, if you have pets, dust mites, and dirt. Mold and bacteria can even find their way into the fibers of your furniture. By having a professional cleaning done, you get a deep clean that will eliminate all these pollutants from your home environment.

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