Some Efficient Rug & Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet & Rug Cleaning Techniques That Work

All homeowners have to understand the importance of keeping their carpets and area rugs looking fresh and clean. In this article, we will inform you of several good and time-tested rug cleaning techniques.

Your first and foremost step should be vacuuming, of course. Vacuum them as often as you can to eliminate the dirt, dust, and allergens. But you should be careful with the fringe of your rug. However, vacuuming won’t remove absolutely all pet hairs. To achieve a better result, you can brush out the pet fur with a stiff brush. Turn rugs every year, specialists advise. This way, they will wear and tear evenly with no contracting dark or light spots on them. In addition to this, you can shake them every now and then. Regular vacuuming is good but shaking them will make them look and feel even better.

But how can you clean them? Well, that will entirely depend on the type and fabric of your lovely floor coverings. Carpet & upholstered furniture cleaning professionals recommend woven and braided rugs to be treated in a washing machine but in a zippered pillowcase or mesh laundry bag. Always make sure to choose a cycle with cool water and gentle rinsing. Hand-made, hand-knotted, or Oriental rugs require delicate care. When vacuuming them, you should place a piece of nylon screen over it to protect its delicate fiber.

If you have coir, sisal, or grass floor coverings, you have to read very carefully the label on them for appropriate care as they contain natural fibers that can be damaged easily. Suitable rug cleaning methods for these types of rugs are after each vacuuming, you can wash them by utilizing a mild rug cleaner and a brush dipped in that solution. Rinse afterward. After that, you have to dry them with the help of a portable fan or hair dryer.

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